LOCATIONS Our headquarters is near London in an old English mansion. But our development team is distributed around the world. The opportunity is to work from our UK headquarters, from our Berlin office, one of Europe's most vibrant cities, or from your existing location.
Some say this is impossible, but that’s what we are doing. Charles Moir, Founder & CEO
Current openings A great working environment and the possibility to change the app landscape.
THE NEW COMPANY At Xara we have years of experience and tradition in producing some of the best creative apps around. Over 30 years of success innovating in the creative software market (we are not an in- experienced start-up) makes us confident we can shape the future of web apps with iXara. Creative software, that encompasses document creation of all kinds, is the most used, the most important class of productivity software. And for us this is way more interesting and satisfying than doing another boring database, financial app or interactive website!
THE TEAM Join a small team of exceptionally talented JavaScript and C++ programmers. We're engineering focussed (we're all programmers and ex-programmers) with experience of creating successful high-profile, leading edge, large scale creative applications (online and offline). Being a small and focussed team everyone makes a significant and very visible contribution to the product. You can make a difference and get your work seen and used by millions, thanks to the reach of our parent companies.
VISION Is it possible to build a web app that's not just as good as the best desktop software, but as good as the fastest, most fluid, interactive, creative desktop apps? Building a web-based app like a spreadsheet is easy, it requires no super-fast interactive graphics. It is not going to push the performance boundaries of what's possible in a browser. But a creative app, say one that has interactive vector drawing or pixel painting features, that combines photo, vector illustration and page layout capabilities, with 60fps scrolling and near infinite zoom. One that works on all platforms including under-powered touch-based tablets, and that works as well - better than - native apps? That's something else. That's something no one has done before. Some people say it is impossible. But we know it's possible and that's what we're building.  Join us. Help us push the boundaries of what's possible.
WE’RE HIRING to build the impossible